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Aquarium (fresh water) tips for beginners:

Few golden rules for thriving aquarium:


Aquarium tips for beginners

By Aquarium Addict at 2006-01-12 15:35:30
Few golden rules for thriving aquarium:
Are you a beginner in Aquarium hobby? Are you frustrated with frequent fish death and diseases? Are you at the verge of giving up this fascinating hobby then this article is for you.

1. Invest the money on biggest tanks you can. Do not buy small tanks because it would soon be overcrowded with fish.

2. Keep fewer fish in a large tank. If you are planning to keep Fresh water small fish like guppy, danio, swordtail, molly etc. Keep in mind that the tank should not be overcrowded. The rule is to keep 1 fish in 1 gallon but I would suggest give more space than recommended space to keep them healthy and thriving.

3. For the Gold fish the same rule does not apply. You may need 50 gallons of water for 1 or 2 fish. 1 is better in 50 gallon tank if you want them to see growing and thriving to their full extent.

4. Good filter is the another secret of good success. HOB (Hang on the back) filters are very good for any aquarium. Find the good filter and the bigger one is good than the recommended one. It means if your tank is of 10 gallon capacity find the filter recommended for 20 or 30 gallon tank. By doing it you would save lot of cleaning time. Buy filter which can hold more filter material.

5. Water change and cleaning the tank is another important thing to keep your fish thriving and growing well. Change 10-20% water every week according to your requirement. Make sure to add the water of same temperature. You can find out by just dipping your finger. If water is getting dirty frequently it means you need bigger tank or more frequent water changes.

6. Cleaning clogged filter material is also important thing in aquarium hobby. Make sure to clean your filter in aquarium water only. If you clean your filter in tap water the chlorine will kill all the good bacteria and you may need to cycle the tank from the start.

7. Make sure to add de-chlors during every water change. Using proper de-chlors to remove chlorine and ammonia from the water is the another secret of fish keeping.

8. Maintaining proper temperature is the one of the important thing. Temperature should not fluctuate more than 2 F during the 24 hrs time. Adding good heater and thermometer in aquarium will allow you to avoid many unfortunate occurrences. Gold fish may not needed heater but maintaining 70-75F would be a good idea for better health.

9. Food is also an important factor in fish growth and health. Find varied diet for your fish. You can find lots of staple food in pet shops and with it you can feed them lots of live food, green vegetables and fruits like: Lettuce, spinach, peas, oranges, melons etc.

10. Feeding is also an important thing for fish health. Feeding lots of food at one time is not a good idea but giving small amounts of food 2-3 times a day is a better thing for fish health. You can learn it by trial and error method. If your fish does not look active and normal after each feeding it means they are overfed and it should be avoided.

11. Overfeeding is the most drawback in fish hobby. It could kill your fish and it could foul the tank water very quickly. Overfeeding can produce lots of waste material and ammonia in water and it could lead to various diseases and sickness.

12. Air is also an essential thing in aquarium. You can use air stone, air pump and air tubing to airate the water.

13. Lastly find good fish forums/articles on web and read and read so that you can know fish hobby and you can correct your mistakes.

Disclaimer: These are some general rules of fish keeping which Ive learned by my own experiences and mistakes. If any loses occurs due to this article author and the web site claims no responsibility. The readers are solely responsible for their lose.
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By Sheela Isaac at 2008-03-03 10:19:53
First of all you need to figure out what kind of fugus fish got.
1. True fungus
2. Columnaris
True fungus: You can find tuft of fungus on fish body, fins etc. It usually looks like fluffy cotton wool. If it is true fungus you need to medicate fish for ture fungus. It might be due to injury or secondary cause due to bacterial decease. So get the right medication for it from your fish store.
Columnaris: It is also known as mouth fungus or mouth soar or cotton mouth decease. It mostly satrts at head area and around the mouth. It looks like exactly the fungus we see over bread. Early signs of it is you can see greyish marks on head. You can find many effective medicine for columnaris. Columnaris can kill fish quicly if not treated early.
Medication should be given for 7 to 10 days if fish does not show any signs of stress.

By sheela isaac at 2006-02-17 13:46:16
Hey Vinod,
Treatment for Fungus:
Usually fungus attacks the fish in different forms. In initial stage when fish looks sluggish and if you are not sure about sickness you can use salt treatment i.e. 1tsp of salt for 1gallon
water. Leave it for 5-7 days. Do not use the table salt but If condition does not improve you may need medication.
When treating fish with
antibiotics the treatment should be given upto 7-10 days. discontinuation of medication could cause another outbreak of sickness.
Dignosis of fungus:
1.Fin and tail rot: Fish's tail looks raged and split and in advanced stages fish gets white cotton like substance on its split talis.
Medication: If it is fin and tail rot use Maroxy by Mardel with maracin. Penicillin or Tetracycline is also another good medication for fungus. For dosage follow the instruction given on medication.
2. Columnaries (Mouth fungus): It appears on fish and mouth area with offwhite or grey patches or mold.
Medication: Penicillin or Tetracycline
General Medicines:
Here are few general Good Medications for goldfish and tropical fish: Sickness sould be treated with clear diagnosis and
Maracyn- Broad-spectrum antibiotic for treatment of external Gram-Positive treatment and fungal diseases.
Tetracycline- It prevents and cure common bacterial diseases such as: gill disease, cotton mouth, and bacterial fin and tail rot.
Penicillin- General Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medication that cure and prevent cloudy or protruding eyes, cottony growths, fin and tail rot,
mouth and eye sores, and many other general infections.
Jungle Fungus Eliminator- Works on serious fungal and bacterial diseases, Columnaris, dropsy, swim bladder, and fin rot.
Jungle Fungus Clear- Clears most goldfish fungus.
Methylene Blue- Used for fungal infections or fish eggs and fry.
Malachite Green- Used to treat external parasites and fungus infections.
For Parasites:
Nitrofura-G- This is good for hemorrhaging and red streaks, fin and tail deterioration, open sores, as well as general bacterial infections and gill
Quick cure - Ick - treatment should be given for atleast 14 days.

By Vinod Isaac at 2006-01-20 13:18:20
What to do if fish got fungus?


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